Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good News from iraq: 21 Oct 2008

From MNF-I, Primary school opens in Baghdad.

BAGHDAD – The Al Furtain Primary School opened in Baghdad’s Mansour district Oct. 12.

The ceremony marked the completion of renovations brought about through the combined efforts of members of the Khadra Neighborhood Advisory Council and the Mansour District Advisory Council, Iraqi Security and Coalition forces.

These groups worked together to add new windows, new doors, fresh paint and refurbished bathrooms to improve the school which provides education to approximately 400 Iraqi boys and girls.

“The much needed renovations to the school will assist Iraq’s future generations to enjoy school facilities that are more conducive to learning,” said Maj. Jay Bullock, operations officer, 4th Squadron 10th Cavalry Regiment, operationally attached to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Multi-National Division – Baghdad.

With security set and renovations complete, teachers will be able to concentrate on education, instead of fear or run-down equipment or buildings, said Haji Sattar from the Khadra Neighborhood Advisory Council.

“The renovations to this school will allow teachers to concentrate on education and not broken windows, plaster falling from ceilings, and lack of lighting,” Sattar said. “Students will enjoy the newly improved environment that is a signal for their bright future.”

Students treated the audience, which included the deputy Minister of Education, to a brief presentation and the singing of the Iraqi national anthem.

“The success of the renovation lies in the team effort. Local Iraqi Neighborhood and District Area Councils provided input on which school needed renovation,” said Lt. Col. Monty Willoughby, commander, 4-10th Cav. Regt. “Iraqi Army Soldiers provided security for the contractors to work, and Civil Affairs Soldiers provided quality assurance of the work.”