Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm alive

Over the last couple of weeks, I've started about 5 blog posts and run out of steam before I could get them developed.

I'm busy settling in here. I'm still looking for a job; I've applied for about 20 so far. Our house in Middleville is still on the market, in case you are interested in buying it or know someone who is.

We went to a backyard BBQ for a visiting general. That was great. Met a bunch of spouses who seem like wonderful, smart people.

I still have several boxes to unpack. We still have not found the toaster. I mean really. It's a toaster oven, there are only so many boxes that can hold something that big. Naturally it will be in the last place we look. ;-)

I'm having a great deal of trouble adjusting to the altitude here. Which is to say that I am going to bed early and sleeping up to 10 hours a night, every night. People say it takes a couple of months to adjust.

I'll be back to full-writing steam soon, I am sure.

Happy Halloween everyone!