Monday, October 20, 2008

Something positive about PCSing

Alright. I must admit that I am not fully unpacked and I still cannot find the toaster. But I know it is here somewhere and it will be found.

Moving is one of the most stressful life events and as active duty military families we knowingly undertake this adventure with great frequency. And as a stressful event, when little things go wrong, they affect us, perhaps, more deeply than they would on any given Tuesday.

So while it totally sucks that the floor lamp, which sat over my right shoulder lighting the night while I wrote my blog posts and helped illuminate my IMing sessions with Jack Bauer while he was deployed, is now broken beyond repair, it is still just a lamp. Now our living and lighting situation is different here in Cav Canyon, and it is much darker while I sit with my laptop browsing the Internet at night. A floor lamp would be really nice. Right now I cannot afford to go out and replace it. (Our house in Middleville has not sold and I don't have a job. Yet.)

The boxes that have been unpacked contain things. While I love my fiestaware and think some of it is irreplacable (well, because some of it is), they are just dishes. While I love the Waterford and Tiffany & Co. crystal that fills a cabinet, it is all just a bunch of empty vessels, as beautiful as they might be. While I consider my TV to be one of my bestest battle buddies and I actually cried when it was boxed up back in Middleville, it is completely replaceable. Granted, those things all arrived intact.

But here's the thing that makes me view this move as a success. My husband and I have a wonderful home to come to every day and we get to spend every single night together. After 28 months and 5 days of living apart, I cannot begin to express how truly blessed I feel to have him home (any home) with me, because I know that not everyone is that fortunate. The doggies and kitty are all back together under one roof. And we had to move here to this beautiful part of the country in order for all that to happen.

This move is about people not things. And dogs are people, too.