Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good News from Iraq: 8 Oct 2008

From MNF-I, Iraqi Police Take Over More Security Roles.

BAGHDAD — Security improvements in Baghdad continue to progress as Iraqi security forces conducted a transfer of authority in more than 10 Muhallas (neighborhoods) yesterday in the Karkh Directorate of Baghdad.

In the Kindi and Qadasiyah Muhallas of Baghdad, Iraqi Army (IA) Soldiers handed over security responsibilities to the Iraqi Police (IP).

“In the past months, the improvement in the security situation and the Iraqi Police capability gains have provided the IP the opportunity to take on independent responsibilities for security in their neighborhoods,” said Lt. Col. Michael Indovina, spokesman for the 18th Military Police Brigade, Multi-National Division – Baghdad.

IP in the past 12 months have expanded their forces to more than 10,000 shurtas (policemen). Through the expansion and development partnership with the 18th Military Police Brigade and other Coalition efforts, the IP have grown and built their capabilities steadily and are preparing to take over more Muhallas in the near future.

IP continue to train daily to develop their community policing skills in order to take over security and police operations here in Baghdad.

In past weeks, IP and IA have conducted a relief in place (RIP) in selected areas of Baghdad. The RIP is a process where the IA Soldiers transition with IP to ensure there is a seamless transition of responsibilities and duties.

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