Monday, March 3, 2008

Another month

And then it was March.

Another month is behind us. Deployment is another month closer to being finished.

This last month we paid off a credit card, paid off the car, had an anniversary, gained clarity and certainty for our next move, met big deadlines, and made some good contributions; nearly sliced off a thick flap on my thumb, got stitches, saw more doctors in a month than I can ever recall. Time to exhale.

But once again, I seem to have gotten all caught up in the other stuff that is life and have not focused on the internal me. Getting back in balance, even if it is just for 5 seconds, is what this month is going to be about.

So instead of making a mental list of the things I need to outside, I think I'll make an internal to do list, the things I can (not should do) to be kind to myself, to reward myself for all the hard work I do. Things like reading that feeds my spirit. Getting a massage. Getting a pedicure. Taking a nap. Just do nothing. Catch up on blogs. Go for a walk. Forgive myself. Go where the wind takes me. Get lost and found.

A little something most days will go really far, I think.