Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What happened to the mattress?

So the other night, Moo dog decided she really didn't want all the candy wrappers she had eaten, so she decided to, um, deposit them on the bed. After they had been in her stomach for two days. Nice. So thoughtful of her. And always fun for me to wash my only mattress pad at 8:30 PM. Hmmm. (Yeah, I really should get another mattress pad.)

But as I was standing at Jack Bauer's side of the bed ripping the sheets off, I noticed something. My side of the bed was much lower than his. I thought that was really odd. Then it hit me. My side of the bed has seen two more years of sleep than his side has. Whoa! That was an eye-opener. It's one thing to talk about what two years has done to me, but it is another thing to see it sagging there.

Quick frankly, it is Moo's fault. My side of the bed is her favorite for sleeping. And apparently Jack's side is for, well, other activities. :D