Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good News from Iraq: 15 Mar 2008

From MNF-I, Significant caches found in Anbar.

AL ANBAR PROVINCE, Iraq – Iraqi Police discovered two significant weapons caches in Anbar Province over the past seven days.

The first cache was discovered west of Rawah, March 7 and the second in Fallujah March 11.

Hassa IP, near Rawah, discovered and reported a weapons cache on a farm. A Marine unit launched a mounted patrol to investigate the report. Marines confirmed the discovery, and an explosive ordnance disposal unit’s support was requested.

At the site, a young sheep herder directed Marines to three more caches. The boy claimed to have seen the farm’s owner bury items at night with a bulldozer. The caches had all been emplaced within the week but the majority of the items buried were unserviceable.

The first cache consisted of 42 PG9 rockets; Chinese 60mm HE mortar rounds; Russian 82mm HE mortar rounds; 1,200 7.62 x .39 mm rounds; 1,300 non-electric blasting caps; 47, 14.5 mm rounds; 720 Russian PD fuses; 264 PG15 Propellant Cartridges; 80 Russian hand grenades; a Russian AT-3B Sagger guided missile; a Russian AT-3C Sagger guided missile; and a couple Russian practice Sagger guided missiles.

The second cache consisted of 300 electric blasting caps, 300 improvised squibs, Russian PD fuses, Russian 82mm HE mortar rounds, 200 Spanish PD fuses, 188 Yugoslavian PD fuses, 250 non-electric blasting caps, and 28 Chinese 107mm HE rockets.

The third cache consisted of 41 Russian 82mm HE mortar rounds, 19 Chinese 60mm HE mortar rounds, and a DShK tripod.

The fourth cache consisted of DShK anti-aircraft guns, Chinese 100mm HEAT-T projectiles, and a Russian practice Sagger guided missile.

A follow up cache sweep conducted by EOD March 9 resulted in the discovery of seven additional cache sites in this area.

The first cache consisted of 82mm mortar tubes and 60mm mortar tubes.

The second cache consisted of 39 Russian mortars; 82mm HE; 2,000 7.62x54mm ammunition; and 2,000 7.62x39mm ammunition.

The third cache consisted of 10, 70mm HEAT PG7M Russian rockets; 64mm HEAT PG-18 Russian Rockets with launchers; 82mm HE O832D Russian mortars; 24 85mm HEAT PG7 Iraqi rockets; 73mm HE OG9 Russian projectile; 40mm HE OG7 Bulgarian grenades; 100 14.5x114mm ammunition; 73mm HEAT PG9 Russian rockets; 1,000 7.62x39mm ammunition; 100 electric detonators; 30` leg wires; and 60, 1.25 lb TNT Blocks.

The fourth cache consisted of a machinegun and 500 7.62x54mm ammunition.

The fifth cache consisted of 255 82mm HE O832D Russian mortars, 55 73mm HE OG9B Bulgarian projectiles, 73mm HE OG9 Russian projectiles, 40mm HE OG7 Bulgarian Grenades, 34 250m spools of black detonation cord, 1,000` red detonation cord, 200 Russian fuse projectiles, PIBD GPV2, 150 Russian Fuse projectiles, PD GO2, 37 PG15 propellant cartridges, 150 14.5x114mm ammunition, 160mm mortar primary cartridges, 200 electric blasting caps, 160mm mortar long range charge increments, 200 non-electric blasting caps, 130mm Illumination S2 Russian projectiles, 152mm HE M88 former Yugoslav projectile and a 130mm HE OF482M Russian projectile.

The sixth cache consisted of an RPG-7 launcher.

The seventh cache consisted of 70mm HEAT PG7M Russian rockets, 85mm HEAT PG7 Iraqi rockets, 68mm HE 26P French rockets, 251 60mm Type 83A Chinese mortars, 105 82mm HE O832D Russian mortars, a 64mm HEAT PG-18 Russian rocket, 23 57mm HE S5M0 Russian rockets, a 75mm HE bounding Type 69 Chinese rocket, 425 PG15 propellant cartridges, a 73mm HE 346E Russian projectile, 34 40mm HE OG7 Bulgarian grenades, 235 Chinese mortar fuses, PD MP4, a 100mm Illumination Type 71 Chinese mortar, 21 160mm HE F853A Russian mortars, 200 UZRGM grenade fuses, 1000’ yellow detonation cord, a 64mm HEAT PG-18 Russian rocket with launcher, RPG-7 launchers, 22 pounds of stick propellant, 40 pounds PE-4, 25 pounds aluminum-based HME, 230 160mm mortar increments, 160mm base propellant cartridges, 50 Chinese mortar fuses PD MP1B, 100 Russian fuse projectiles PD GO2, 3,600 7.62x39mm ammunition, 600 9.3x74mm ammunition, 300 .22 Caliber ammunition, 500 9mm ammunition, HE F1 Russian hand grenades, a AK-47 Russian assault rifle, an MG3 German machine gun, an MG42 German machine gun, an SKS Russian carbine, a PPSh Russian submachine gun with drum, a PKM Russian machine gun receiver, a RPD Russian light machine gun, Sterling British submachine guns, a G3A3 German battle rifle, binoculars, night vision scope, mortar sights, sniper sights, a non-functioning suitcase IED and 60mm mortar tubes.

Hassa IP has taken the owner of the farm into custody.

The Rawah combined cache find items weigh more than 2,600 pounds. This combined cache totals more than 8,800 items.

The Fallujah IP discovered another weapons cache while conducting an intelligence-driven dismounted cache sweep of a city residence March 11.

While searching the residence, Fallujah IP discovered the weapons cache in a room hidden behind a false wall. Inside this concealed room there were two spider holes that contained additional items of the weapons cache.

The weapons cache consisted of Iraqi fragmentation grenades, an RGD-5 Soviet hand grenade, British hand grenades, RKG-3 HEAT Soviet hand grenades, Yugoslavian hand grenades, Soviet hand grenades, 29 Soviet bomb HEAT/fragmentation PTAB-2.5kg, 48 PTAB fuse I-351AMs, 93 fuses, French 68mm rocket SPAMVs, 19 57mm HEAT S-5Ks rockets, a 70mm SA-6 Soviet guided missile, 22 73mm HE Soviet RPG OG-9s, 73mm Soviet PG-9s, 73mm PG-9 Soviet practice rockets, 70mm HEAT Soviet PG-7 rockets, 70mm practice Soviet PG-7 rockets, 44 rocket propelled grenade motors, 75mm APERS/bounding Chinese Type-69 rockets, 30mm HE Yugoslav rifle grenades, 40mm M62 illumination Yugoslav rifle grenades, 39 82mm HE mortars, Recoilless rifle propelling charges; 2,500 electric blasting caps, a couple pounds of PE-4, 500 mortar increments, several pounds of loose propellant; 5,000’ yellow detonation cord, 75’ red detonation cord, several pounds of various chunks solid propellant, striker release UZRGM Soviet grenade fuses, several pounds of unknown HME, 55gal drums containing small arms ammunition, RPG launchers, assorted rifles, a Sabot round, bayonets, miscellaneous Iraqi Army uniforms and uniform items, various leather and nylon tactical gear, mortar sights, RPG sights, rifle scopes, thermal battery, license plates, Motorola CP340 hand held radios, a Multi-tester ASWAR model DT-830D, US communications batteries Ultra Life, telephone car charger, Senao LRCT hand set batteries, LRCT base stations unwrapped, LRCT hand sets, 9V GETTOP batteries, a box of latex gloves, washing machine timers, unknown documents, a Soviet striker release UZRGM and a cassette tape.

An EOD team collected the weapons cache for disposal.