Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ready for a rest

Yesterday I was typing out my response to a friend who asked how I was doing. And it got me thinking a little more on this post that I had already started.

How am I doing? Just a simple question. But she was really asking -- not fake asking that we do all the time when we come across someone we haven't seen in a while -- and she knew that there would not be a short or simple answer. Not from me.

But this is what I wrote, name changed of course.

I'm doing good. Depends on the day mostly. Jack Bauer is on track to come home like we planned. I can't wait. Really, some days I just feel like giving up and feel like I will be stumbling across the finish line. Other days I feel great and strong and feel like I have a sudden burst of energy that will get me that much closer to the end. But today is a good day.
I realize, and maybe I am just slow in coming to this, that I have been super "on" for the most part for the last 26+ months. I am tired of being so "on" all the time. My light is dimming. I need to converse some energy to make it the last mile of this deployment race.

Some more me time is in order. Now I need to figure out how to schedule it.