Monday, July 28, 2008

Lt. Chef's Italian Feast

Yesterday evening, the Residence Inn was turned into the Pensione di Residence when one of the new lieutenants created an Italian Feast. Lt. Chef used his little kitchenette and the hotel's commercial oven to prepare some 6 different dishes: Chicken Florentine, Pasta Carbonara, Baked Penne, Meat-Stuffed Shells, Vegetarian Shells, Cold Pasta Salad, and some fresh baked bread. It was good, very good. He made a ton of food. Good thing he invited about 20 people to help eat it all. It was a nice opportunity to see Jack Bauer's classmates in one place.

Rumor has it that before attending law school Lt. Chef graduated from culinary school. This reminds me of how varied my own law school class was. We had fellow classmates with undergraduate degrees in history, political science, journalism, photography, nursing, business, just to name a few.

Rumor also has it that Lt. Chef wanted to join the JAG Corps so much that he lost 100 pounds to be able to do so.

There are many more stand-outs here in Jack's class. I hope to bring a bit of their stories to you.