Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Answers to life's persistent questions ...

So yesterday I opened the floor to questions about Vegas. Here are my answers and I am sticking to them.

asked: (1) So you really are opening this up? (2) Is it scary to think of what people might ask?

BW: (1) Yes. (2) Nah, but of course, I don't have to actually answer anything I don't want to.
Non-Essential Equipment (who is probably the one reader who I would expect to ask the MOST off-the-wall question) asked: (1) What did you do with all the hooker flyers that you were handed in the street? (2) And what blogger didn't look like their online photo?

BW: (1) I never walked along the strip, not even one step so I didn't get any flyers. Cabs, cabs, cabs. AWTM would have a more interesting answer to this question. (2) You mean besides me? ;-) Right off hand, I would say Christian Lowe (and if I link to the guy any more, he is going to think I am stalking him) because in the photos he put out he was all covered up. A close second must be Telfon Don from the picture on his blog, but I had seen other pictures of him elsewhere (such as Cool, Calm & Collected, Badgers Forward) so I recognized him instantly.

Andi: What, exactly, was that we saw in the cab ride on the way to the airport?

BW: I was IMing with one of our fellow attendees on Sunday evening and described the scene this way: "A homeless, obese, black woman clean herself with the newspapers." The response: "image ... I ... can ... live ... without ..."

Here's what really happened. Saturday morning, about 11 AM, Andi and I share a cab to the airport, when we stop at a light. I am sitting facing Andi and I become insanely distracted by the sight of this woman described above standing on the sidewalk facing away from the street. She is wearing some sort of white terry-cloth strapless wrap garment and is taking newspapers from the free ads bin, wadding them up and rubbing herself all over -- and I mean ALL over, her ALL appeared to be getting quite clean as well -- and then throwing the used papers into a nice little, gathering pile in the bushes.

I don't shock easily and quite frankly, I did not find this shocking. It was just not what I was expecting to see on a Saturday morning cab ride to the airport. A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. ;-)

LAW: about the Jude Law guy.....

BW: OK. This is pretty straight forward and not much more to tell. AWTM and Sarah and I start heading over to do our little panel. AWTM is taking random photos of people, uh, just cuz she can I guess. And there are these 2 guys standing around in the bloggers lounge area maybe 30 feet away from us. And I just keep looking even as we turn the corner and start walking away.

"Hey, that guy looks like Jude Law," I say to the ladies. And they slow down, and look at each other with disbelieving looks on their faces.

"Uh, no, he didn't, BW," they chuckle at me. "Oh, wait. It has been 8 months since you've seen Jack Bauer. That explains it."

I swear that the guy actually did look like Jude Law. But then I could have just been tired, and 30 feet away, and in serious need of seeing my husband. The countdown continues.

So that's about it. Anyone else? Got any more?