Sunday, November 25, 2007

Late Night Confession

I will admit what I did. And I would be very tempted to do it all over again. It was that gooooood.

It took me 2 days, but I did eat an entire box of Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's (an Oreo copy) with "real candy cane pieces and rich cocoa in every bite." Yummm.

Hey, I let Jack Bauer have a small bite of one. Doesn't that count for something? :D

Here's the full description from the package:

We've taken two crisp chocolate wafer cookies and coupled them with a smooth vanilla cream to create this delightful sandwich cookie. But we didn't stop there. The cream is studded with pieces of real candy canes. Out tasting panel (devoted as they are) sampled many different versions of this cookie in order to find just the right mix of refreshing peppermint and rich chocolate. It's our exclusive little gift to you. Serve them as an accompaniment to a piping hot cup of cocoa for a wintertime indulgence.
I guess I will have to get some more to go with a "piping hot cup of cocoa." Oh darn. The things I have to do in order to indulge myself this winter. :D