Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I should have just stayed home ...

From work.

I called in sick this morning and should have just said I wasn’t coming in at all. Instead I decided to go to work before going to the airport. I rushed around this morning trying to make sure I had everything I needed. Cell phone charger – check. iPod charger – check. Cell phone – check. Toothbrush – check.

I get my bags and the doggies in the car and take off. A few minutes into the drive I turn around to check on the doggies. Bear is bleeding all over the back seat. I pull over to see how bad it really is and whether a detour to the vet is in order. I find the source of the bleeding; Bear has a laceration on his right hind paw that was bleeding pretty good. He must have gotten while jumping around getting himself all worked up about his trip to day care. I wipe away the blood and could see that it while small, it was deep and probably did need something to close it up. I call the vet to give them a heads up that I am coming in.

Luckily, the vet’s office is not particularly busy and they take Bear back right away. He just needed glue. No stitches. Phew! One less thing for me to worry about on this trip.

With the doggies dropped off, I drove to work and to clean the mess up in the back seat. I remembered I had some Armor All leather wipes in the trunk. “Maybe they would still be damp enough to clean up the mess,” I think to myself.

In the parking lot at work, I get the wipes from the trunk and open the passenger side door. WHAP!! My head collides with the doorframe. Stars appear. “Damn, that’s going to hurt for a wile.” I recover myself and set about the business of cleaning up dried doggie blood off my leather seats. The wipes aren’t wet enough to the job. It will just have to wait until I get back, then it will be good and dried on permanently. Oh well.

As I head to the office front door, I realize that I don’t have my badge with me since I switched my purse for my new computer bag. Instead of calling security, I just wait until someone came out. I bypass the other “security measures” and head toward my cubicle.

“Shit! I forgot my Dramamine.” I get motion sick on planes now that I am old. By this time it is already 12:30 PM. I will need to leave around 3:00 PM to get to the airport in time get through security and to get online so I can download the work I need to do on the plane.

And that’s where I sit writing this post in MS Word. Because the Wi-Fi isn’t working at the airport. So now I have to edit the old-fashioned way: pen and paper. (Luckily, I had the foresight to print the document. Note to self: Must pack thumb drive when traveling and download documents BEFORE getting to the airport.) Then I will have to make all the corrections to the electronic version later. What a PITA.

So AWTM had a problem with her brakes, Sarah has morning sickness, Andi is having travel issues, and I have a lump on my head. It can only get better from here. Right?

And btw, I obviously made it to Vegas. And am safely in the hotel, connected to the Internet. Now I need to get out and have some fun.