Sunday, November 4, 2007

Flowers For Butterfly Wife...

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Butterfly Wife is taking a much needed mini vacation. Meanwhile, I (Lemon Stand), am returning her favor of keeping her blog running smoothly while she is gone. I will post the good news from our military forces every day and generally carry on...

She will be back on Sunday night (just thought you might like to know how long you have to put up with me...) ;oP ... Hopefully she will be in a more rested frame of mind and peaceful demeanor (or at the very least, a really good voodoo doll and pin set!)

I thought it might be nice to have everyone send her 'virtual' flowers because sometimes mil-spouses of deployed members, need care packages too!

HOW do you send 'virtual' flowers, you ask? Simply post a picture of a bouquet on your blog with a note for Butterfly Wife and then in the comments here, post the link. When she gets home, all she has to do to 'collect' her flowers is to click on the links listed. I'll start off the delivery so that you can all see what I mean.

Sweet Peas For Butterfly Wife From Lemon Stand of The Lemon Stand
Pretty Bouquet of Orange Roses, Red Lilies and Burgandy Carnations For Butterfly Wife From Cindy
Tulips and Iris' For Butterfly Wife From Reasa of My Life
A Flower (And A Butterfly) For A Friend From Stacy of G.R.I.T.S.
Here's To You Butterfly Wife From Claire of Knee Deep In The Hooah!
Virtual Flowers For Butterfly Wife From Incognito of You Can Heal
Flowers For Butterfly Wife From Roses of Ack! Thbbbt!
For Butterfly Wife From Mrs. Who of House Of Zathras
Flowers For Butterfly Wife From Triplee of Oh! That's Going To Leave A Mark!
Knitty Flowers For A Friend From Sarah of Trying To Grok
From My Garden From Stuffed of Spamanda
Mexican Turk's Cap, Cape Honeysuckle, and Blue Porterweed Flowers For Butterfly Wife From Ruth H
Yellow Butterfly on Sunflower For Butterfly Wife From VW Bug of One Happy Dog Speaks
Flowers For Butterfly Wife From Stephanie of She Who Waits