Saturday, November 10, 2007

The party's over

I got back to my room shortly before 2 AM.

Secret: I don't drink and I don't smoke.

I'm just born obnoxious. AWTM is going to have to retract her "so sweet" comment about me. It just isn't true. If you think I am sweet, you just haven't gotten to know me yet. Let me put it this way: I held my own against Uncle Jimbo.

There are so many things to relate so you get a stream of consciousness.

Panel was good. I guess that was the original reason for me coming out here.

I didn't get around to many of the booths of the expo. I was working quite a bit. Schmoozing the best I could.

Something about a guy who I still think was a dead ringer for Jude Law, but Sarah and AWTM said, "Uh, NO!!!" Hmmm. It has been over 8 months, ladies, give me a break.

I may or may not have done any of the things other people write about me. And I am likely to deny any photographic evidence others claim to be me. I will say all my clothes did stay on. :D

At the milblogging after party at the Tequila Bar at Bally's, I got everyone who stopped by to sign postcards for Jack Bauer. I filled up three cards. Here's the list (and I apologize for anyone whose name I didn't get quite right. Geez, people. Learn to write legibly).

That's quite the list. And before I forget, I also met The Wolf from Blackfive and Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit.

That's it for now. My throat is sore from yelling to hear myself. I am tired.

And it was a really good thing to go on that retreat last weekend. But I think the last days might be just as beneficial. Maybe more so. ;-)