Monday, November 19, 2007

Making me proud

Jack Bauer received an email recently from a new 2LT looking for advice branch transfer to engineering from quartermaster and what was the role of a 2LT searching out IEDs. Jack included me in on his response and it made me so proud to call him my best friend and husband. Here is what he wrote (yeah, I changed the names):

LT "Newman"

The route clearance mission is primarily a platoon mission that gives a platoon leader a tremendous amount of autonomy. You will have chance to really hone your leadership and combat skills. You will plan route clearance missions to support a maneuver commander. You will have the opportunity to use some of the newest and most unusual equipment in the Army. You will have the chance to deny the enemy an important strategic weapon, save Soldiers and civilians lives; you will be one of the unsung heroes of the battlefield. You and your Soldiers will fight to be recognized that you enabled all the great success that will go on around you. You will have an IED go off several meters from you in your Buffalo and you will be scared to death. You will get home and hug your wife knowing that you are the luckiest guy in the world to be married to her and finally be home. You will see everything a Soldier sees in combat.

Or you can be the Food Service Officer at a big fob.

Best of luck with what ever you choose.

Stay safe and keep your head down.

Jack Bauer
That response seemed so gutsy to me. Here is what I wrote back to Jack Bauer:
Damn, your awesome.

I love you more than you will ever know.

I am infinitely proud of you, your work, your leadership, your courage, your generosity of spirit and knowledge.

In short, you kick ass.

And I get to sleep with you. What more could a girl want?

See you in just a few short days.

Just a few short days indeed. The countdown continues. :D