Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not all doom and gloom

We are still pretty much taking it easy. Yesterday was spent making reservations for the SBL trip, uploading Jack Bauer's photos, chatting with friends, playing with PhotoBooth (even got a couple of me that I really like). He went and ran a couple of errands on his own. We went to PF Chang's for dinner.

And most wonderful of all, we went to Papyrus for cards for Soldiers' Angels Germany and I got his opinion on the cards I've been sending. Nice to get the male perspective on things from time to time.

Today will be more hanging around the house, uploading photos (yeah, he takes a lot of pictures), playing with PhotoBooth, me dealing with my laundry issues. We had breakfast with the BFF. We'll probably make plans for the rest of the week. Maybe go grocery shopping for the ingredients to make waffles in the morning.

It is so good to have him home.