Thursday, November 1, 2007

"put the computer down and walk away" ~ AWTM

Imagine a card with a shimmery golden background and simple Zen-like flowers with full blooms in dark reds prominent in the foreground and small buds rising from the unseen ground.

Here is what I wrote in the card I sent to Jack Bauer last week.

Flames dance and twist across the Golden State. Our protected view allows us to see the destructive beauty. The night falls, the ashes settle, the slumber and rest from the wild dance begins. From there the rebirth can occur, the buds can push up from the ground, the forest can regrow from healthy, fertile soil. My flames of destruction are dying. The ashes are settling. The flowers in my soul are yearning to bloom, once again.
And that's what I am off to do. I will be gone for the next several days working on my "blooms." Commune with nature. Get in touch with my feminine spirit. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Rest. Sleep. And be creative. Yep, I am heading out to a retreat.

But that means the computer stays home. I have asked the wonderful, sweet & tangy, always funny Lemon Stand to stop by and say hi. I think she's been plotting this opportunity for several days. No telling what she will do!

Regular programming should resume on Monday.