Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yesterday we ran a bunch of errands. Whole Foods for lunch, Borders to buy our nephew a birthday card, the post office to mail the card, 3 Dog Bakery for more doggie treats, Costco to get tires.

Lots of driving. Lots of talking. That kind of talking that goes beyond the "hi, how are you" prevalent in many of our IMing sessions. That kind of talking that gets at those things that are hard to type, challenging to commit to written words. That kind of talking that seems too complicated, too boring, too self-indulgent to discuss with a spouse in a war zone. That kind of talking that when I hear his tone or see his expressions I know to ask more, or to back off completely.

When we only have a limited amount of time to communicate in our "normal" day, there is only so much detail I go into. But instead of a few minutes, we now have days to talk. And without the pressure of filling every second of the silence.