Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dear Doggie Daddy

Here's this week's note from the doggies to Jack Bauer. Note: The dogs normally have the run of the backyard all the time and are rarely up until now left inside.

Dear Daddy,
Things changed here last week. Mommy is leaving us inside the house when she goes out. We spend the day patrolling the internal corridors of Camp Toenges. We haven't seen any signs of insurgents but we are looking. We are sure that's why we are left inside - to combat a new threat - even though Mommy says something about Moo needing to rest her shoulder.

Also, Bear has started doing patrols outside Camp Toenges alone with Mommy. We're not sure what the point of that is. Moo doesn't like being left behind. She is stepping up the internal patrols during this time.

We wish you were home with us cuz we miss you very much.

Lots of love,
Moo & Bear
& the cat too.

P.S. Daddy, I need your love too - Cat