Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I wonder if it's the weather.

I have been feeling a little down the last couple of weeks. Just not full of energy or enthusiasm. And I know I'm not alone. I was reading another milspouse's blog and notice a couple of comments to the same effect.

Then I got to thinking (and that's where the trouble always starts) . . . I wonder if it's the weather. The weather here in the middle has been glorious. It has been a wonderfully warm with low humidity. The windows are open. The flowers are blooming. The grass is green and growing. The trees are full of leaves again. Again. But JD is not here. Again.

Spring. Growth. Hope for a new start. Life. Enjoyment. Everyone's moods are elevated. Happy people everywhere. But something is absent.

JD is not here. And I want him to be here to enjoy these things with me. Hold my hand while we go for a walk with the doggies.

So I am going to blame the weather for being too nice. ;)