Friday, May 4, 2007

Supporting Each Other

I have been mulling over in my head an idea for a post but I could never really get a handle on what I was trying to say. Then the other day over at Spouse Buzz, one comment summed it all up for me. I hope Marine Wifey does not mind me borrowing her words here:

Is there a point to us fighting over which branch of the military has it harder? I've always thought that the only way you could survive being a mil spouse was the support of others living the "same" thing. Of course all our situations are different. But to say that any are worse or better is ridiculous. Any time the one you love is away from you, that is the worst. Any time they are deployed and you can't get information about where they are or how safe they are, that is the worst. Pain is relative to what someone has experienced. Its not fair to claim your pain is worse based on perception. The worst pain for any person is equal to the worst pain for someone else even if the situations don't look like they should merit it. We should all stand together and support each other through any and all deployments in times of peace and war so that our military families are a representation of solidarity instead of separation based on branch or mos.
[Emphasis mine.] Some times it seems that we either are trying to point out that we've got it worse (in which case we sound like we are whining) or assuming that someone else has it worse (in which case we are doubting the validity of our emotions). It is all relative to what we know.