Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good News from Iraq: 27 Oct 2007

From MNF-I, Shbara and Shamiyah get clean water.

CAMP ECHO, Iraq – Villagers in Shbara and Shamiyah now have clean water thanks to the efforts of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Civil Military Cooperation Group, which handed over two completed water treatment facilities to the Qadisiyah Province Oct. 23.

The new facilities, which cost about $270,000 to construct, will provide potable water to approximately 4,500 villagers in the area, improving living conditions and sanitation.

“It should be emphasized that cooperation between Coalition Forces and local society is much better thanks to these projects,” said Lt. Col. Tomasz Wolszczak, Polish Army and CIMIC Group commander.

Since January 2007, CIMIC specialists have carried out 70 projects costing approximately $8.7 million to improve Iraqi infrastructure and self-sustainment capability.

Additional projects undertaken by the CIMIC Group include Operation Oil Drop, an operation designed to provide a safe and secure environment for the local residents of Ad Diwaniyah, and assistance for small business development and the economy in general, as well as delivery of humanitarian aid and efforts to decrease unemployment.

Recently, Operation Oil Drop provided the schools of the Nahda district with necessary supplies such as 600 school sets for pupils, 32 family packages for school personnel, gas cookers, liquid soap, air conditioners, soccer balls, carpet and heaters. Teaching kits were also given to teachers. Citizens continue to receive other items including electrical generators, cleaning chemicals, mattresses, food and cosmetics.

The CIMIC Group will continue to provide financial support for small businesses and institutions throughout Ad Diwaniyah Province.

Haji Shbara is located approximately five kilometers south of Al Hamzah and Al Shamiyah is about 30 kilometers west of Ad Diwaniyah.