Thursday, October 25, 2007

When did fall get here?

We've been trucking along here in the middle, enjoying the very warm fall weather, high 70s, low 80s. Ahhh. When I left for work on Tuesday, it was a most pleasant 73 inside. Then yesterday morning I woke up to a cold house; it was 64.

The leaves are doing there best to keep up with the change. And much of the area is awash in golden yellows and oranges. I love the fall color. I did not grow up with fall color on the West Coast.

Fall makes me think of beginnings. The start of the school year, even if that actually occurred a couple months ago. (Students, you can now start applying yourselves!)

I think the fires in California are also making me think about beginning anew. What else can these people do when they have lost virtually everything? (And btw, my family appears to be in a relatively safe place, although my mom says the smoke is very, very bad and causing health problems.)

So here's to beginning anew.

Now if only my new fall sweaters would hurry up and get here. :D

I had to turn the seat heater on in my car. Another sign of fall.

***UPDATE #2***
I had to turn the heater on at home this evening. I wuss'd out when it got down to 60 degrees. Not like last year when I waited until it was 54 degrees INSIDE before turning on the heater. I'm getting soft in my old age. :D