Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's a party! And you're invited!

I am having a party. It is a pity party slash bitch session. And anyone can join me. :D

I know there are things that we all whiny and bitch about but only to ourselves. Some of those things just seem too whiny and too bitchy to say aloud. Well, OK, at least for me, it seems that way. Maybe you all are completely open with your bitching.

I say, let's have a great bitch session. And if you want, sign in anonymously so you can really have at it.

I'll start.

Deployment is getting old. I want my husband home now! I am a pouty little girl and I am going to sit right here with my arms folded and my lips pursed until he gets here. Oofa!

And I hate my pesky day job this week and it is likely to only get worse. Double oofa!

And I want to be able to do it all just like I was promised when I was a little girl. Not fair that I can't. (To be explained later.) I am going to stomp around the living room with my arms crossed and my lips pursed until I CAN do it all, or fall asleep. Not fair, not fair, not fair!!!

Who else wants to play??? :D