Saturday, October 27, 2007

On today's agenda, we have ...

I slept in until 9 AM. It was awesome. The doggies were so snuggling sweet (i.e. quiet), it was wonderful. Maybe it was that I read them a bedtime story last night. The Velveteen Rabbit. Sad to say, it was my very first time reading it. Now the doggies and I feel real. :D

So here's my to do list for the day.

1. Sleep in.

2. Make list (Wendy does this just so she can have something to cross off immediately. I LOVE it!)

3. Post Good News from Iraq.

4. Try on, remove tags, and put away ALL news clothes that came in the mail. (I haven't done this big of a clothes shopping in at least 4 years.) Anything that isn't staying here gets mailed back immediately.

5. Review and edit something for Jack Bauer.

6. Mail care package to Jack Bauer; finish post on the package.

7. Miscellaneous editing.

8. Nap

9. Read book that mysteriously appeared at my doorstep yesterday. :D

10. IM with Jack Bauer.

That should keep me busy, dontcha think? Have a great day everyone.