Saturday, December 1, 2007


It took some 15 hours of driving to get to Fayetteville, NC. But we made it. And everyone is still alive.

Jack Bauer and I have done many a road trip in our day. We've driven from Oregon to New Jersey, from California to Illinois, from Missouri to South Carolina. And the vast majority of the driving has been done by him, and that works for both of us.

This trip is completely different. I am doing the vast majority of the driving. He makes me nervous. In the past 15 months, he been dealing with larger vehicles than a Toyota Solara. The Buffalo weighs a mere 25+ tons. People tend to get out of the way when they see something that large coming at them. The Solara's effect is, well, less than that.

He drove for 2 hours yesterday before I insisted on take the reigns back. I think I will let him drive around some more by himself before I get in the passenger seat again. Yep, I am a wuss. And I like my pretty girl car in one piece.