Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday was a great gathering of military spouses. There were even a few military husbands and servicemembers in attendance. Jack Bauer was wonderful and engaging and very tolerant.

In my brash style, I just walked up to people and introduced myself. We met a ton of people. It was definitely nice to meet people in person. Let's see which bloggers we met.

The SpouseBUZZ Gang (minus AWTM, but you were there in spirit and we missed you):

And there were others:
  • Stephanie (lovely and wonderful, just as I was expecting)
  • Marine Wife (and despite the picture on her blog, she is a normal-sized person and just as funny and personable as she is in the SpouseBUZZ chat room)
  • CaliValleyGirl (who turns out to have read quite a bit of this blog despite her rare comments. I'm calling you out CVG.)
  • LAW (we only chatted a bit, but she is pretty much exactly like I expected)
  • Green (who was so kind, she brought me a lovely green blown glass butterfly that totally reminded of the glass animals that I got as a child from Knott's Berry Farm)
The fellowship was wonderful. And Jack Bauer even had a good time. Definitely worth the drive.

And now to head back home.