Saturday, December 15, 2007

Zuzu's Petals

Last night It's a Wonderful Life was on NBC. It is such a classic movie, and I think I have watched it nearly every year since I can remember.

Since Triple E and I were both talking about the problem of wishing away our lives and missing what is in front of us, the timing of the movie viewing, well, it was perfect.

For those who aren't familiar, the premise of the movie is that George Bailey (James Stewart) wishes he was never born. And then his guardian angel shows him what life for his family and friends would be like had he never existed. The ripple effect of one life is perfectly demonstrated when George wasn't there to save the life of his brother Harry as a child; Harry wasn't there to save the lives of soldiers on a transport ship years later in WWII. After seeing the impact his life had on those around him, he chose his life, even though it wasn't the life he imagined for himself. He wanted the life with his family and friends, warts and all.

One of the little things that helped George realize what a wonderful life he has, is the petals from his daughter's flower that he tucked into his coin pocket. Zuzu's petals.

Zuzu's petals are all around me. The memory of the dance in Crate & Barrel, vision of the candlelight flickering against the galvanized bucket holding my peonies and spray roses, or the way the doggies snuggle up with me while wearing their ACU bandanas. I am sure I could fill pages with all of Zuzu's petals.

Life, with all its struggles, flaws, bumps, pimples, dry patches, is still wonderful, especially wonderful when I see how much I have. It just depends on how I look at what is in front of me. (Do I see that Jack Bauer is not there or do I see beautiful flowers?)

And keeping on this movie, a great quote ...

"Remember ... no man is a failure who has friends."

Thank you, my friends, for being here. More of Zuzu's petals. ;-)