Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're sick

I've been unwillingly trying to get a cold for a the last 4 days. And last night it settled in.

Moo decided she wanted to be sick too. That's her in her new ACU bandana. (She is much, much cuter than that picture.)

So while I was out at yoga, while I was still feeling good, Moo decided to act out a bit. She got up on the counter (very very rare behavior) and ate the rest of the chocolate bacon bar (about 1/3 of a bar; yes, it was dark chocolate). But apparently that wasn't sweet enough. She decided she was in need of the candy I send to Jack Bauer much more than he was. So she decided to rip open a 41 oz bag of Starburst and another bag about a 1/3 full. I weighed what was leftover to see how much she ate, which was only about a pound and a half of Starbursts including the wrappers. She also torn into the Jolly Ranchers bag, which seems to be missing about 3/4 pound.

(I can just imagine Bear telling her that I was going to be upset and Moo responding with some witty comment about how if I didn't want her to eat it, I should have put it all where she couldn't get at it.)

Fortunately, Moo drank a ton of water and threw up some (on the bed of course). But it was not a good night. I can't wait to see what is outside waiting for me to clean up.

But outside is where I am leaving her and Bear today. They can run in the snow, and she can get sick all she wants. I just hope it all passes quickly.

Would anyone like a 90 95-pound Rott-n-Lab princess doggie? I am sure she would make a great Christmas present. Wait, I take that back. She is way too cute and cuddly, even when misbehaving, to give her away. (Maybe I'll entertain $$ offers...)