Friday, December 21, 2007

Good News from Iraq: 21 Dec 2007

From MNF-I, Iraqi National Police Emergency Response Unit Completes Training.

BAGHDAD – Members of a newly formed Iraqi National Police Emergency Response Unit Company received certificates of completion Dec 17 for training completed.

The ERU Company, composed of 125 men, is currently training with Coalition forces to learn many aspects of emergency responses including personal security detachment and quick reaction force as they pertain to Iraqi National Police. The training lasted 10 days and covered topics such as weapons, mounted and dismounted patrolling, movement techniques, react to contact ambush, IED and snipers, entering and clearing a building, room searches, vehicle patrolling, reacting to improvised explosive devices, and large-crowd control.

“The Iraqi National Police asked for PSD training,” said U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Rick, Iraqi National Police Training Team trainer. “We conduct joint mission with the ERU Company, and they requested some specialized training to make them a better fighting force.”

Iraqi National Police are continuing to participate in the training provided by Coalition forces and International Police Advisors. Visual training aides were used to provide information to the trainees, which help them when the next course of action requires practical execution. The practical execution allows Iraqi National Police non-commissioned officers the opportunity to demonstrate comprehension with their teams.

“I like the training,” said Iraqi Police 1st Lt. Hussein. “Before we (Iraqi National Police) did not receive regular training and I like learning new things.”

Hussein has been with the Iraqi National Police for three years. He has been in gunfights as well as IED attacks. Hussein says the talent of the men in his company helps him work harder.

A typical day for Hussein is to come to work and patrol a neighborhood with his team of men. In the event of a raid, intelligence information is provided to the men, a strategic plan is developed, and weapons are ready and mounted on vehicles.

“Now that we have graduates of the training, we will take the training to the streets,” said Iraqi National Police shurta Muhammed.

Muhammed is a recent graduate of the Iraqi National Police basic training course held in Numaniyah. He will work with the Iraqi National Police headquarters in different areas of Iraq.

“Our job is to protect the citizens and that is what we will do,” said Hussein. “We do our job and come back safely.”