Sunday, December 30, 2007

Uh, that's kinda tight

So I have been insanely busy for the last few months. Running here and there, working, working out (some), trying to keep my sanity, etc. Well, I let eating right slip. Mind you, I have sooo enjoyed eating, especially the Christmas cookies, but my pants tell another story. The pants are not happy. Not at all.

I came home to an empty refrigerator. And no coffee in the house. Oh the horror! So after I could no longer wait for a cup of joe, I slipped on some jeans that I had not worn in several weeks.

"Uh, did these just come out of the dryer?" They were a little snug going on. Hmmm.

Time to get back to watching what I eat in a manner other than noticing that it is going in. Get back to Weight Watchers. Get back to writing it all down.

And time to get back to moving more. I took the doggies for their first walk in months. (I know, I have been a bad puppy mommy too.) I also wrote down Pilates classes for evenings in my calendar for the entire month. Just getting back to the things I know that work for me.

So time to get off my butt and get going. Have a nice day.