Monday, January 14, 2008

and even MORE packages

This time the package was for me. The wonderful woman we know as Lemon Stand and her four wonderful daughters sent me a package full of goodies. Just for fun. How totally cool is that? :D

They sent a ton of funness. Really a veritable TON. Here are some of the goodies.

1. Bunny Suicides: A postcard book. I might have to send some of the postcards to Jack Bauer.
Hysterical! Here's a link to some more of this sick humor.

2. Bath & Body Works, Mandarin Lime Body Wash and Body Lotion, and Pink Grapefruit Moisturizing Hand Soap. I LOVE citrus.

3. Darwin Awards and The Fortune Cookie Book. Great additions to my collection of small books in my library. Um, my library is in the bathroom.

4. A small compass with a carabiner attachment. I attached it to my purse. I wouldn't want to lose my way. And now it will be impossible. Unless done on purpose.

5. Wreck this Journal. This looks totally awesome. It is a journal meant to be destroyed. Each page has something different on it. Random page from the book: "Collect Fruit Stickers* here. *Stickers you find on bought fruit." I cannot wait to get started.

6. Blue sticky gel fish window decorations. Perfect for my bathroom window.

7. Mercy by Julie Garwood audiobook. This should help with the commute.

8. Emergency supply of chocolate. :D

9. Yoga To Go mini kit. This should be great, especially when I am traveling and not remembering what I am supposed to be doing.

10. Bare foot chic. It is a create your own foot jewelry kit. I fear it might be smarter than me, but I will let you know what I come up with.

11. Spa manicure kit. Definitely need this. And need to do it regularly.

12. Gumby and Pokey bendy dolls. I am taking them to work for bad days.

13. Lemonade Kit. Excellent. I am sure it is never too cold for lemonade.

14. Funny sticky notes. Much better than the boring yellow ones I deal with at work.

15. A journal that on the cover has this great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift."

I must reiterate my message again to these wonderful women.

And again WOW!!!!!! This is so cool. Thank you ladies. You certainly brightened my week and the weeks to come. And I will think of you fondly as I am reading the Darwin Awards while in the bathroom. :D :D :D

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.