Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good News from Iraq: 31 Jan 2008

From MNF-I, Busy Roadway Reopens in Baqubah.

BAQUBAH — A busy roadway was re-opened by the Iraqi government during a ceremony in the Shifta district of Baqubah, Iraq, Jan. 28.

Kharesan Street, a main roadway linking northern and southern Baqubah, was re-opened for use by civilian vehicles. The roadway was closed due to numerous attacks against civilians, Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces in the area, including improvised explosive devices and small-arms fire.

Once the area was cleared in a joint effort between the ISF and CF, the road was reopened.

“We celebrate this day by opening this road,” said Diyala Iraqi Police Chief Gen. Ghanem Al-Kurashi during a press conference before the ceremony. “We thank the people for cooperating with the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Army.”

The ceremony was attended by General Ghanem, Baqubah Mayor Ahmed Hameed and local village leaders.

“Opening this road helps the people get to the markets and will help the city become stable,” said Ahmed. “We are especially thankful for the Iraqi Security Force’s assistance.”