Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A dog's life

Man, do my dogs have it good. They slept in yesterday morning. On my bed. While I got up and did my morning routine. Usually they start moving around a bit the closer it gets to me feeding them, but yesterday, nope, they were happy to stay in bed until they heard the kibble being rattled around. Silly poochies.

Then they decided it was too cold outside. And they convinced me to let them stay inside where it would be nice and warm all day and the bed and the couches would be super soft and comfy. I told them they could stay inside on one condition: They had to fold the laundry.

So I went off to work, knowing that the doggies would be warm on a day when the temperature was not going to get above freezing and that my nemesis was going to be taken care of.

And after a long day of slaving away over a keyboard and after a tough hour of Pilates chair class, I was expecting to come home to a sparkling clean house, as if the doggies were going to team up with Mr. Clean.

So imagine my surprise when I came home to doggies all rested up and piles of laundry. And an unplugged computer. Hmmm.

Then they snuggled with me all night, as if nothing was wrong. It's a good thing these spoiled babies are cute.