Thursday, January 3, 2008


I grew up riding my bike to the movie theater. In college I would go see nearly every movie that came out. I have hardly watched any movies at the theater since Jack Bauer left. I think the last movie I went to was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I haven't been renting movies either. I will watch movies on HBO and cable channels, but they are usually ones I've already seen.

Romantic comedies are great. I love You've Got Mail, French Kiss, and the like. I just watched Music and Lyrics this past weekend. It was cute and silly and perfect.

Dramas work for me too. I watched Out of Africa yesterday. I recently watched The Departed and Blood Diamond. The English Patient is definitely a favorite of mine. (Notice an Africa theme?)

The one thing I have not been watching are war movies. A few months back Saving Private Ryan came on while I was out of the room. I spent a couple of minutes watching it when I came back in, but I had to change the channel. That's a hard movie to watch under the best circumstances. I don't need to be watching that kind of movie. Reality is close enough. I'm not into torturing myself too much or that deliberately.

But there is this war-romance-drama out that looks to be good: Atonement with Keira Knightly. It looks like the kind I would really like ... if my husband wasn't off at war.

Maybe I'll just go see Charlie Wilson's War. It is a comedy after all. Nothing quite as funny as arming the mujahideen in Afghanistan to take down the Soviets and start the end the Cold War. Especially when it is done by a couple of guys and a socialite with the help of a belly dancer. You can't make this shit up. No one would believe it.

Now I just need to make some time for it. Can I set my laptop down long enough to watch a movie? Maybe. If the popcorn is good enough.