Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Sky

I get up when it is dark and head out to work as the sun rises. I travel east, north, west, and south. I am witness to the awakening morning sky. The golden pink sky blends with the dark blue-gray clouds. A few miles down the road the sun is higher and the clouds begin to dissipate. The sky is coral as the sun brakes over the eastern horizon. As I head west, my rearview mirror holds the bright color as I face the still sleeping suburbs. By the time I park my car, the sun has stretched its arms and the sky is the palest blue.

I then spend the next 8.5 hours with a view of the ceiling and a filing cabinet.

I usually leave work mid-afternoon while the sun is at reasonable height, hours before sunset. Yesterday, as I ran my errands, the hours dragged on. At one point I was heading down the street going due west. The entire sky was filled with small puffy pink clouds, a pink fire. I stopped to get gas and stared in amazement. Just the sheer expanse of the color was impressive.

Days when my mood is a little dark are immediately lightened when I see such beauty.