Saturday, January 12, 2008

UPDATED: Weighing in

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom to see what happened. :D

So today marks one week since I returned to Weight Watchers. I was really really good all week. I tried the new Kick Start program, which is essentially 20 points a day. (My normal points value is much much higher than that.) That was actually not possible for me to do. I was between 21 and 23 points all week. And I worked out three times so when I factor in the exercise points, I did manage to have a net result of about 20 points a day.

Lots of planning of the meals. I've been eating salads for dinner. I really don't like cooking for one. I hit the salad bar a few times a week and package up individual salads so that it is all ready to go. I just add a few grape tomatoes, some crumbled blue cheese, a little kosher salt, a little fresh ground pepper, a nice olive oil, a splash or two of balsamic vinegar. Toss and shake and POOF, it's ready. Super easy. Also excellent with a sliced-up pear thrown in.

Lunches have been Kashi frozen meals. Healthy, wholesome, and easy, they are high in protein and fiber and tide me over nicely. A couple of clementines finishes it off nicely.

Breakfast consists of two nonfat Cascade Fresh yogurts--all natural, sweetened with fruit juice--and a banana.

Some deli turkey, carrots, and a Starbuck's skinny 3-pump caramel latte made for great snacks this week.

The result? Come back in a couple of hours and I will update this post on whether I was successful. I gotta go to yoga first.

UPDATE: Weigh in? Lost 4.4 pounds. :D