Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On Cards

I started writing cards for our wounded Soldiers in Germany (through Soldiers' Angels Germany) back in May 2007 after AWTM posted about the opportunity and the need. I was just reading back through some of those first few posts. I would have never thought I would have written this many cards. At one point I was hoping to send 200.

This got me thinking about the roles we play in one another's lives. I doubt AWTM would have thought she would have inspired someone to write this many cards and how much this has helped me. And in the other direction, I am sure my cards have been read by more than a few Soldiers. But the impact any of my words have, I don't know. I hope a butterfly or two has touched someone, made someone smile, lightened the mood, eased the pain, the loneliness, the disconnection if for just a moment.

I sent out 30 cards on Saturday.

Running total: 751