Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some people get it, some don't

Yesterday, I went for a pedicure and mini-facial. A little me time. Relax, enjoy myself, self-indulgent me time.

I get to the spa for the pedicure with the same 50-something, Russian lady I had last time.

Lady: "I see you are still working on card, no?"

BW: "Yes, they never end."

Lady: "Ah."

BW: "Yes, they are cards for Soldiers."

Lady: (blank stare and silence)

Not another word was said during the hour-long pedicure. I wrote 10 cards.

Then I left and went to the Origins corner at Macy's for a free mini-facial. (Origins does these promotional events every so often. I would highly recommend checking it out for a little extra special free pampering.)

The young clerk was bubbly and politely curious. She complimented me on my grandmother-in-law's bracelet. So I told her about it. She noticed my husband's name on the deployment bracelet on my other wrist. So I told her about this one too. She started off by saying, "thank you for your husband's service." Then she paused, tilted her head, thinking for a moment. She got it. She said something like this:

"You know, we thank our servicemen all the time. We never thank the families. And the troops would not be able to do what they do without the support of their families at home. So thank you. I appreciate what you do too."

I started to cry. She started to cry. It was nice to meet a stranger, with no military connections, who actually gets it.

Oh, and the rest of the facial was relaxing, my make-up looked great, and made an appointment for the next one.